Octonion to Demo New Branium IoT Platform at CES 2019

Octonion to Demo New Branium IoT Platform at CES 2019

Join Octonion at Tech East Westgate booth #2609, to see how the SmartEdge Agile and Brainium IoT solutions can be applied in manufacturing, agriculture, warehousing, and industrial environments

Octonion’s new Brainium portal helps engineers and manufacturers deploy IoT projects with AI and “Security at the Edge” utilizing the company’s SmartEdge Agile solution, an IoT ready-to-use device. The solution was developed with Avnet, is powered by ST Micro’s STM32 micro-controller, and is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

The new Brainium online portal serves as a “storefront” for the Brainium IoT platform, launched in November 2018. Brainium is a gateway-agnostic, end-to-end IoT software platform based on mature AI technology, which helps developers quickly create proof-of-concept IoT devices with less integration and a faster time-to-market. It reduces the complexity of software for IoT applications, so users can focus on their business processes.

Brainium’s SmartEdge Agile solution incorporates “Meta Sensing” AI sensors which can measure, record, and deliver actionable analytics regarding detailed movements, vibrations, temperature changes and a roster of other factors that impact productivity, ergonomics, and efficiency in workplace environments. It has applications in industrial facilities, agriculture, distribution, and warehousing.

Engineers and developers can leverage the Brainium portal to conceptualize IoT and AI-based concepts for smart manufacturing, smart building, smart farming, and activity tracking.

IoT use cases for the Brainium platform:

  • Predictive Maintenance – SmartEdge Agile can help predict and determine the condition of in-service equipment, helping business owners conduct more efficient equipment maintenance. 
  • Gesture control – SmartEdge Agile’s “Meta Sensing” devices can detect and analyze patterns to insure ergonomic sustainability for workers in industrial environments, to help fend off injuries or physical mishaps.
  • Smart factory – SmartEdge Agile can monitor repetitive motions among workers in logistics and warehouse environments, helping to foster to safer workplaces.
  • Smart farming – SmartEdge Agile can monitor the movements and feeding patterns of farm animals to help identify health or animal husbandry issues.

Take a look at the press release for additional details, NDA until 1/7.

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