Octonion "Brainium" Platform Facilitates 1st IoT Solution with LTE-M Connectivity Providing AI and Security at the Edge for Engineers and Integrators

Octonion "Brainium" Platform Facilitates 1st IoT Solution with LTE-M Connectivity Providing AI and Security at the Edge for Engineers and Integrators

Octonion’s Brainium software platform and Sequans’ Monarch chipset facilitate customized, plug-and-play connectivity solutions for Industrial IoT projects via the SmartEdge Agile IoT device, from a major global technology provider

IoT software provider Octonion has joined forces with mobile network operator Orange to launch a customized, modular, “plug and play” IoT device powered by Octonion’s Brainium meta-sensing artificial intelligence (AI) software. The “SmartEdge Agile” device is the first such solution designed specifically for the LTE-M network. This new LTE-M connectivity board includes a live booster module developed by 4G chipmaker Sequans Communications, based on its Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT chip platform

The device works in conjunction with Octonion’s Brainium “meta-sensing” software. Brainium is a gateway-agnostic, end-to-end IoT platform based on mature AI technology, which helps developers quickly create proof-of-concept IoT devices with less integration and a faster time-to-market. It reduces the complexity of software for IoT applications, so engineers and manufacturers can focus on their business processes.

Powered by Octonion’s platform and produced by leading global technology solutions provider Avnet, SmartEdge Agile is a modular hardware device designed to address the needs of industrial IoT (IIoT) customers. It enables engineers and manufacturers deploying IoT projects on ultra-low bandwidth networks to incorporate AI and Security at the Edge into “smart” IoT environments in verticals such as manufacturing, agriculture, and warehousing. Engineers and manufacturers can leverage the LTE-M connectivity protocol to optimize their IoT devices, delivering a cost-efficient, certified, and ready-to-use IoT solution.

LTE-M networks have been launched across many countries to support the rapid explosion of IoT, especially in the mobile and industrial IoT markets, addressing a broad range of use cases. The benefits of AI on the LTE-M network include significantly increased battery power savings and cost-effective design and services support. In addition, by bringing data analysis and processing closer to the source, companies have the option to reduce bandwidth and latency requirements to manage their information. 

We’d love to have you speak with an executive from Octonion about how the Brainium platform facilitates these IoT devices, making it easier and quicker for developers, engineers and manufacturers to bring IoT solutions to market. Let me know when you’re available to discuss this. 

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Suzanne Mattaboni PR Manager, Hummingbird Media
Suzanne Mattaboni PR Manager, Hummingbird Media
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Octonion is an IoT Intelligent Edge software platform that meets today’s complete IoT requirements from the embedded layer to the cloud based services. Octonion was created in 2014 in Switzerland and has since raised €16m from Foxconn (FIH Mobile Ltd), Ginko Ventures, Orkos Capital, Swisscom, and Almaz Capital. Octonion team has built an unprecedented AI framework and developed an edge computing architecture. Octonion’s expertise allows clients to deploy a connected project in 6 months as opposed to the 18 to 24 months currently needed with most other platforms. Its major achievement to date has been the launch of the PIQ Sport intelligence brand with major partners such as Everlast, Babolat, Rossignol, and North Kiteboarding. Learn more about Octonion at www.octonion.com.

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